A Room of White.

I find myself coddled in a crib of white. Every sharp corner of me is delicately caressed by the sheets of this bed. A breeze blows, the white sheer curtains dance before me. I breathe easy.

I hear movement behind the bathroom door.

Sounds of life call for my attention and the door opens.

There he is before me with his hands on his jaw, scratching his beard, his eyes connect to mine. He smiles at me like he remembers everything we said last night. Like he still has all my secrets present in his memory. Like he will never forget me.

I’d like to smile back but my insecurity slants it sideways. He sees that I am thinking. Before he speaks he comes close to me. He slips into the sheets and rests his head onto my chest. I breathe in the spring air and his love. His body collapses into me and reassurance tingles my head and sends certainty into my feet. Stay here for this. Do not run away. My fears drip away from me and my defenses fall on the ground next to my jeans and bra.

His looks up at me and leans up on his elbow. He reaches for my hair and tucks it behind my ear.

“What’s the matter?” he begs, sensing my inhibition.

“I feel exposed,” I say, hoping he can write the rest of my sentence.

“I’ll cover you.” He pulls the sheets up tighter, close to my chin and lays his lips onto mine.

He does not jest at the memory of my truth. He does not bring up my darkness or pain. His bright eyes keep me in the light. The wetness of his lips keep me glued to reality. This is where I want to stay. Locked in his mind. Held close to the warmth in his heart. Accepted and celebrated by his spirit.

We are hidden here in this room of truth. There is no place for our souls to hide.

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