About Me:

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 12.45.37 PMMy name is Rhea, I’m a twenty-something mother of two, part time hair dresser, part time blogger, part time tarot reader and part time writer. I am a highly anxious, agoraphobic, poet and fantasizer. I have a garden of dreams and all I want to do is see those dreams become something someday. I like to write, mostly about religion, mostly about emotional trauma, mostly about myself. I like to share ideas, I like to disagree, and I like to learn. I write about fantasy, horror, erotic situations that hopefully do more than entertain. I write stories for myself, stories I’d want to read and stories that hopefully you do too. 

On this blog, there is no purpose other than for me to begin sharpening my writing quill and learning how to communicate what I think and feel in the most honest way I can. This blog is hardly monetized, I’d much rather direct you to amazon to purchase one of my e-books or my patreon to ask for your support in that way.

My only goal/motivation in writing is to inspire thought. I’m a little bit passionate and a lot a bit fiery, and sometimes I pretend to more than I actually know, however if you want to start a dialogue because you agree or disagree with any of my ideas, please send me an email. I love thoughts and thinking and care about what you have to say. You’re input helps me become smarter and I am a student in every situation. Let’s disagree and lets talk about where we disagree. Let’s agree and talk about what we agree on.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, thank you for thinking for yourself, thank you for even caring enough to know a little more about me.

Coming in the future:


  • Storms of my mother (TBA)
  • The Renegade Series (TBA)

Short Stories:

  • The Crow and the Magic Marble (TBA)
    + more of mother natures fables
  • Sex God: a trilogy of sacrilegious erotica. (TBA)
  • Conversationalist: Friends talk about sex and suicide (TBA)


Hope you’ll read some of my works soon!

** I live completely off my art for now and by the generous donations from my readers and clients. While I don’t have an account with Patreon or other artist supporting websites (because I don’t support the man), I do have an email and a PayPal account. If you would like to donate to my work and help support me continuing to create, my email is rhealong@gmail.com and you can find me on PayPal. I appreciate the support, I’m thankful to have this journey and its only possible by the people in this word generous enough to pay for art. Thank you!