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A Hopeful Future

A couple days ago I started writing a blog I was going to call “An Unforeseen Future” but never had the time to finish it, nor could I find the words if I tried. I was tied up in anxiety, desperate to create or write something to soothe my emotions and give me hope. This […]

Creative Ideas: The Good vs. The True

I feel all creative people share in the same common problem, what are we supposed to do with the plethora of good ideas? How do we know which ones are good ideas, true to our essence, and which ones are just improvements on someone else’s idea? What sort of filters can we create in our […]

Hard lessons I learned from my (dead) garden.

This past winter it snowed in Las Vegas after an unusually rainy winter. Because of all the extra wetness in the desert, my yard and everyone else’s were invaded by a strange type of weed. My neighbors weeds started to flower with tiny purple flowers, mine with white. While most responsible homeowners started to pull […]

Knowing the Truth.

Today’s blog is brought to you by another one of my weird cryptic dreams. I don’t always dream, but when I do… normally it means something to me. I don’t dream of flying or being in alien space ships like I did when I was a kid. I dream about deep stuff that’s effecting me […]

Spirituality Vs. Religion

As I have begun working on a novel recently the stark contrast between religion and spirituality has been glaringly obvious in the words I have been writing. It is my intention with the following paragraphs to begin exploring what that idea means to me. Spiritual law and Religious Law do not align. There are very […]

Healing From Religion

Regardless of whether I like it or not, I was made to be a spiritual person. I have been praying since I was 6, I have been thinking existentially since I was 15, I am deeply moved and connected emotionally to the world around me. Despite my best effort at being an atheist, I just […]

A Thing About Mental Illness.

The thing about mentally ill people. Do not ask me “How are you doing today?” Because the truth is I probably don’t know. I have no concept of good and bad Healthy and unhealthy. I only just feel. A better question for someone like me is, “Does the world make sense today” Because then I […]

How I Feel About Myself

There have been times when I have been sure of myself, to the point I’d put my last dime on myself on a bet between me and the world. There have been times when I have believed in myself so much, I felt no need to even announce what I was doing. As if magically […]

Good Mom/Good Person

I was re-reading some of my journals from earlier in the year, and one in particular about my children. I wrote “I don’t know what I’m doing all the time, but paying attention to them is how I figure it all out. If I keep a hold of my emotions and stay present, I can […]